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Second Chances

A journey towards health and fitness..

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This livejournal is for the "older" crowd that wants to improve their lives, and for those who want to make the most of everyday!

I am trying to get my weight back down to normal, because like it or not, at our age it's imperative to stay trim, or we can suffer some scary consequences! I would also like to gain the stamina I once enjoyed not so long ago. I hate worrying about whether a flight of stairs is going to give me a heart attack, lol!

I don't know why, but when I hit the big 50, I got this surge of energy towards life. I felt a renewed, childlike awe about everything life has to offer. I want to climb mountains and jump out of airplanes! (Ok, I really don't want to jump out of an airplane, but you get the picture!)

Life can be very, very good at this stage of life!

This journal is for friends only, who want to support each other in a journey towards health! Please, no passive observers! We're here to support each other and to offer advice and feedback!

Please give a warm welcome to any new members that may introduce themselves! Thanks!

To reach any significant goal, you must leave your comfort zone.

Hyrum W. Smith -