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An Introduction

I just joined, and would like to introduce myself :) I'm 45 years old, and in dealing with health issues I have, I'm learning that the most important component, for me at least, is maintaining a positive frame of mind. I am going to have some time at home, as I have a rotator cuff tear that needs surgical repair. A massage therapist told me something that was so simple, and yet so profound - if a movement feels good, do it. If a movement causes pain, don't do it. I liked this, because it got me thinking about all the movement that I can do. I take our dog Cindy on a walk daily, for starters :) Although I haven't exercised for the most part, for a long time, I'm beginning to study Yoga, and together with my daughter, we're making thoughtful choices about what it is that we eat, as well.

This group is a wonderful idea, and thank you for starting it :)
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